Business Strategy - Leadership Development - Training Programs

How we can help:

  • Business Strategy & Planning Support
  • One-on-One and/or Group Coaching
  • Review of Leadership Structure & Capability (current and future)
  • Process Review & Documentation
  • Financial Statement Review & Analysis
  • Kauffman FastTrac® Programs Listening to Your Business and GrowthVentures

How we can help you grow your business


What people are saying...

  • “Dr. Waldon has been my go to business advisor for over 20 years. Her broad business background and leadership experience allow her to add insightful perspective on a variety of issues….She is thoughtful, deliberate, and trustworthy. … If you are looking for a trusted advisor, Dr. Rea Waldon is just that. One last thing...don't let her quiet presentation fool you. Rea is one tough business leader.”
    Melvin Gravely
    President & CEO of TriVersity Construction
  • “I have worked with Rea…in the development and growth of a national entrepreneurship and business development program geared toward small and minority businesses. Rea has been instrumental in providing excellent technical assistance and business development services…I recommend Rea as an extremely competent, high professional colleague that brings energy, new ideas and passion to the economic development industry.”
    Terrence Clark
    President and CEO at The New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.
  • I have known Rea since 1998 when we both worked for Downtown Cincinnati Inc. Rea has the highest degree of integrity, deep knowledge of her field and is someone who works well with everyone she comes in contact with. She is a leader, convenor and and works diligently to make change happen.
    Kathy Laker Schwab
    Executive Director of LISC Greater Cincinnati & No. Ky
  • “…Dr. Waldon possess some unique skills and knows how to give and make recommendations that make you feel good...She combines academic and inter-personal skills in relating to people...Dr. Waldon is a great listener and you can tell this because when she asks questions they are thoughtful and go to the root of your problem using info that you supplied in the conversation…I consider Dr. Rea Waldon a mentor and a friend…”
    Greg Battle
    President, CEO, Lean Continuous Improvements llc