Dr. Rea Waldon, President/CEO,
KDDK Legacy Group LLC

Dr. Rea N. Waldon has a unique background that was developed through a combination of experience and education. Her career spans over three decades and includes careers in the healthcare, telecommunications, business development and coaching, commercial lending, and urban revitalization in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

She has worked with hundreds of business owners in multiple industries helping them to grow and expand their business.

The services offered by KDDK Legacy Group LLC are based on helping business owners and executives identify and leverage best practices to grow and expand their firms.

Dr. Waldon has earned degrees in accounting, management information systems, and interdisciplinary studies (urban economics and public policy).
She has certificates in retail bank administration, entrepreneurial teaching and non-profit leadership.

Dr. Waldon shares “One thing that life has taught me is this - you don’t know what you don’t know. That was really driven home during my first stint in the banking industry as a credit underwriter. I understood how to record the numbers and how to create business plans and projections, however I never truly understood how the information is evaluated by internal and external users. It was at that point the seeds of my passion were planted.”

Dr. Waldon has dedicated her career finding ways to help owners operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Her background has provided a wealth of knowledge and best practices that are transferable; not to mention an extensive network of professionals to tap into.

Want to grow your business? KDDK Legacy Group LLC can help. Get in touch to learn more.

Cheryl Borland, Attorney / Business Advocate

The Law Offices of B. Dahlenburg Bonar, P.S.C. is a full-service law firm and we are committed to representing clients in a full range of business, employment, real estate, estate planning and estate administration as well as general civil litigation matters.

We act as outside general counsel to our corporate and business clients. We work to ensure our clients are in compliance with local, state and federal laws. We also work with our clients to address their employment and civil litigation needs. Legal services are provided and tailored to our clients’ needs.

We feel that access to legal services is crucial and we are committed to provide the same level of legal services available at a large firm but make them affordable with us. Top shelf client service is our primary goal.

Tina Macon, Human Resources Organizational Development

The mission of AllMac & Associates, LLC is to assist organizations in"Connecting their People, Processes, and Productivity."

The firm provides Organizational Resource Management services and tools to integrate and improve the performance of Core Competencies, Employee Engagement, and Higher Productivity.

Through the strategic development of a customized approach we are able to assist organizations with achieving the desired results of a cohesive and highly productive work environment based on the unique needs of your organization.

Alice Frazier, Strategic Marketing Expert

AFA & Associates is a strategic marketing group that develops business building strategies, marketing programs and audience engagement initiatives.

How you connect and engage with your B2B and B2C audience is the key to your business success.

We are a team of savvy marketing and graphic designers, passionate, and committed strategic thinkers, leadership trainers and expert project managers who foster relationships and connections with your customer and colleagues.

Chanda Monroe-Williams, CSSGB, PMP

CM-W Consulting was established in 2008 to assist corporate and private executive teams in refining their business strategies to achieve desired goals.

President & CEO Chanda Monroe-Williams has provided project management and consulting services within the financial, hospitality, manufacturing, insurance, legal, print, automotive and technology industries. She has assisted in developing General Electric's operational, procurement and servicing strategies for credit card providers that included Macy's, JC Penny's, Brooks Brothers, Sam's, Walmart, Gap & Old Navy, Home Depot, Dillard's, Standard Register and PNC Bank.

CM-W Consulting's most recent projects include being a Tier 2 supplier for Toyota Manufacturing North America leading the companies Scalable Development Team, partnering with Procter & Gamble to create roadmaps for their Real Time Artwork process and creation of an Inclusion Assessment and Management Tool.