Greg Battle

President, CEO, Lean Continuous Improvements llc

Business Mentoring Testimonial

“…Dr. Waldon possess some unique skills and knows how to give and make recommendations that make you feel good...She combines academic and inter-personal skills in relating to people...Dr. Waldon is a great listener and you can tell this because when she asks questions they are thoughtful and go to the root of your problem using info that you supplied in the conversation…I consider Dr. Rea Waldon a mentor and a friend…”

Kathy Laker Schwab

Executive Director of LISC Greater Cincinnati & No. Ky

I have known Rea since 1998 when we both worked for Downtown Cincinnati Inc. Rea has the highest degree of integrity, deep knowledge of her field and is someone who works well with everyone she comes in contact with. She is a leader, convenor and and works diligently to make change happen.

Terrence Clark

President and CEO at The New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.

“I have worked with Rea…in the development and growth of a national entrepreneurship and business development program geared toward small and minority businesses. Rea has been instrumental in providing excellent technical assistance and business development services…I recommend Rea as an extremely competent, high professional colleague that brings energy, new ideas and passion to the economic development industry.”

Melvin Gravely

President & CEO of TriVersity Construction

“Dr. Waldon has been my go to business advisor for over 20 years. Her broad business background and leadership experience allow her to add insightful perspective on a variety of issues….She is thoughtful, deliberate, and trustworthy. … If you are looking for a trusted advisor, Dr. Rea Waldon is just that. One last thing...don't let her quiet presentation fool you. Rea is one tough business leader.”

Cathy Lindemann

Owner, Evolution Creative Solutions

“Rea Waldon has been our business consultant since 2014. She’s been helping us specifically in the areas of accounting and management. Personally, she’s been helping me envision my business differently: how to do business differently, develop my employees, and make all of the pieces fit together. She is great at perspective and framing issues so I can see things differently. She doesn’t tell me what to do. Even better, she gives me clear options and choices and focused feedback to help me make the right decision for my company. It’s not a cookie-cutter plan. She meets you where you are, and she helps you based on where you are in your business.”

Sandie Lange

Swath Design

“Rea Walden has been instrumental in my ability to scale Swath Design for future growth. She was our facilitator for the SBA Emerging Leaders, an 8 month long rigorous business development program. Rea was very knowledgeable and strong providing guidance through the program and especially in understanding a business’ financials. Rea has been so generous with her time in providing coaching during a monthly Emerging Leader’s Alumni group. Here we are building on the foundation of what we’ve learned in the program and Rea once again has provided the mentorship I’ve been searching for. She’s not only able to coach, but able to connect you with the right people to assist with making your business plan happen and hold you accountable for your goals. Rea keeps me on track for success and I look forward to working with her for a long time!”

Barbara Smith

Journey Steel, Inc.

“I have worked with Rea at several different times.  I've utilized her services in the form of a facilitator for my CEO Round table as well as a teacher/adviser for the Emerging Leaders Course presented by SBA. Rea has a passion for helping businesses grow, this passion, as well as her experience lets her knowledge, skill to listen and provide valuable insight, practical application of tools geared toward growth and wisdom conveyed in a succinct manner is part of her strengths.Rea demonstrated her expertise through her facilitation technique, she speaks as a subject matter expert.By being present in the various events that are available to small businesses, Rea promotes her desire to connect and get in the trenches to understand your business.  She offers a trust that she cares about you and your business.

Jerry Brown

Supports to Encourage Low-Income Families (SELF)

“I first met Rea in our micro enterprise class. We were looking to make improvements, and she came highly recommended. She is very good at what she does: in my first experience working with her, I was very much at ease. She makes sure that we have all the tools we need to make our program better. With the nature of our work, you have to be sensitive to our clients. Rea assessed the people and the program to really figure out who our clients are. With all of Rea’s experience, the clients gravitated to her. She really helped inspire confidence and people were very pleased. She brought a light of sunshine to our program.”

Sheila Mixon

Women's Business Enterprise Council - Ohio River Valley

“Rea and I worked together to grow the Urban League’s Business Development Program. She absolutely loves small businesses, and she has a great way of challenging them to be better than they are. She learns quickly where people’s comfort zones are, and she encourages exploring beyond the comfort zones--but she can also recognize and take into consideration when someone doesn’t want to grow their business or scale their business more than it already is. She works with people in their own space. She has great insight from a business perspective, and she really and truly cares strongly about small businesses.”